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Helpful Links

These are a few of our favorite sites:

The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy (Saint Faustina's order)

The Massachusetts chapter of this order runs this website. Good information on Divine Mercy, Saint Faustina, or the Sisters' work around the world.

The Vatican

This link will take you to the Vatican's official website... in English. Explore archives and view recent documents. Lots of interesting stuff!


Eternal Word Television Network - the homepage of the largest Catholic television network.
Click here to see their special section devoted to Divine Mercy and St. Faustina.
Click here to listen to the Divine Mercy Chaplet in streaming audio.

Casa Maria

Retreat house run by the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. Retreats there are highly recommended!

Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club

(Formerly the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club) Pretty self explanatory - what's not to love? Info on his works online and in print, a bio, etc.

Marians of the Immaculate Conception

This group runs the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. They have good info on St. Faustina, Divine Mercy, and the Holy Father. Don't forget to check out their cool Divine Mercy screen saver! It's free!

Susan B. Anthony List

Did you know that Susan B. Anthony was fiercely pro-life? This organization is dedicated to true feminist principles and works to get pro-life politicians elected to Congress. If you sign up for their email alerts, they will notify you when pro-life legislation is up for a vote and also provide a link for you to email your senators or representatives.


If you don't have any beads handy, this web page has a neat 'follow along' page to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet.

Rock Bottom Choir

Website for a Catholic Rock band - includes some music samples online.

Liturgy of the Hours

Check out the readings for the day.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

This link will take you to the Vatican website to view the Catechism online in English.

Zenit News Agency

News agency from Rome


A nice site with Catholic goodies. Plenty of posters, but also a nice collection of cd's, books, apparel, art and woodwork.

Apostles of Divine Mercy

Group dedicated to spreading the message of Divine Mercy.

The Confraternity of Penitents

An association of lay men and women who are quietly and privately living a Rule of Life based one given by St. Francis of Assisi to the laity in 1221.

by Dr. Radut.